Bright abstract landscape painting, with yellow sun, blue road, and colorful city elements

Welcome Here!

Bright colors and rounded shapes

Welcome here,

I’ve been practicing oils and acrylics painting for several years. A few years ago, I turned to digital painting, which I find a great way to express myself. I aim to  produce images with the same rendering as traditional art, by applying oils and acrylics techniques to digital.

I believe we are highly influenced by our environement colors, so I attempt to create bright and colorful paintings, with rounded and contrasted shapes, to bring positive energy and happiness to homes.

I decided to share my paintings with the world, by making them available to purchase as canvas art prints in limited editions, but also printed on various items such as home decor products, bags, shoes, phone cases, and more!

You can visit my portfolio just below, I regularly update it.

Please, enjoy,