Welcome here,
I'm a french digital painter, since 2017. I've previously being practicing traditional medias, such as acrylics and oil painting. My purpose is to offer people the possibility of getting vibrant and cheerful colored canvases, in order to bring happiness feeling in their home interiors. I think a colorful home is an essential basic, to a positive mindset lifestyle. 
I turned to digital art a few years ago, finding it a great way to experiment new styles and method. I had to learn using Photoshop, and a tablet. Drawing at screen with a stylus, is much more difficult than drawing on paper with a pencil. You have to watch the screen instead of the pencil in your hand, and the stylus is less accurate than a real brush.
I attempt now to make my paintings look like as they've been realized with traditional paint. I preferer brushes strokes to flat colors, often seen in main stream digital painting. To obtain this traditional rendering, I make all my paintings by hand, with a stylus, and Photoshop CC's brush tool. That means I begin to paint on a blank white surface, without using any photo nor any automatic filter. I begin by drawing the main lines, and then paint over with successive colors, exactely as I did with oil and acrylic paints.
When the painting is finished, I send the image file to a professional art canvas print provider. The result is a painting printed on canvas, with vibrant colors, and a high quality rendering.
What make a work being an artwork, is also its rarety. That's why I limit all my canvases editions to 12, exactly as photographers do. 
Limited editions able my purchasers to get a real piece of art, at a divided by 12 price. This is a great way to purchase affordable art.
You can find all my limited editions prints in the Artshop, with various equally colorful derivative products, I'll let you discover by your-selves ;).
Have a nice visit,
Nadia Chevrel,
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